Holiday Jacks is India local tour planner for Indian Sub-continent. We started in Early 2015 and till now organised many small group tours and individual personalised tours. We are a new company but all our employees have worked in top tour companies and have more than a decade of experience working for them. Each person in our team is well travelled and capable of handling Tours. We are also operating ground handling agents for many companies in India from abroad.


All our holidays are carefully crafted, planned and designed.  Created for our customers who, like ourselves, are well travelled, discerning and seek to truly experience a destination.


Ground Support

On arrival to India or any new destination you will be meet by our representative on airport, station, etc. Our representative will accompany you to you hotel, help in all formalities relating to check-in and discuss the itinerary for your stay and tour. You will be given contact no of all our representative, stay vouchers, etc.


For all private and individual tours we offer your own car and driver which allows you flexibility to stop off along the way if you see something which interest you, to take photograph, or for break. If you require, itineraries for all your private individual tours can be modified at planning stage as per your choice. You can add more interest, activities do some extensions, etc.


India is well known for its food, Culture and traditional culture. Experience the best & Hygienic street food, Local Traditional Cuisine, flavours which India has to offer which only a local can make you do so.
Good food is central to our holidays. Tasting and experiencing the flavours of a destination is one of the key reasons we travel and we therefore meticulously select the restaurants we visit. Arranging special Cooking Lessons, etc.

Careful Planning of Tours

We carefully plan your itinerary so that you make most of the time away. All tours are paced in such a way so that they are brisk but not strenuous and arrange your visit to the most important and interesting sights. You have ample time to relax and enjoy the destination.

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Private Local Guides

Being a responsible tourism company we use local guides who can explain you little things about the place. All sightseeing excursions are accompanied by your own english speaking guide. You can ask as much questions regarding particular place, real life, stories, cultures of local people and more. Having your own guide brings places to life in a way that guidebooks never can.

Our Accommodation

All our hotel accommodation are carefully inspected before they are being offered in our packages. Our choice of hotels reflects the type of place we ourself like to stay. We choose hotels based on Local Character, central so that it can act as ideal base to explore city. Travelling around and walking can sometimes be tiring so we understand that  you expect a peaceful place to rest and relax after touring whole day.  After all, everyone deserves a home away from home.

Small Groups

Being part of the group is best way to Travel, an opportunity to share experiences and learn together. However when there are too many people, things gets slowed down and experience is compromised. Therefore we ensure that group sizes are kept small so you do not compromise on experience.

Fair Price Guarantee

We have very good repo and relationship with Hotels, guides and representatives built over years that allow us to make your holiday exceptional with very competitive rates.